Viewing the Emergent City and Its People

new map-formed artworks by matthew cusick

Not exactly streetart but anyway….. from designboom

‘oceania’ by matthew cusick, 2012
inlaid maps, acrylic on panel
18 x 27 inches
all images courtesy pavel zoubok gallery and the artist

matthew cusick: the mind is its own place
pavel zoubok gallery, new york city, USA
on now until october 6th, 2012

a collection of matthew cusick‘s most recent intricate inlaid map-formed pieces are on display. this compilation of the new york-based artist’s work includes a selection of newly finished trademark crashing wave collage-from-cartography pieces juxtaposed with erotic artworks featuring ex-colonial subjects and other notable women through out history. each layered piece is built from both map segments particular to the subject pictured on historical, cultural and geographical levels in combination with the cusick’s compilation of cartography-derived colors. both the artist’s seascape pieces and his depictions of women whose lands had been colonized by european powers aim to understand the precariousness of a people trying to harness the power and beauty of something that is not theirs to own– nature and human alike.

‘leni’, 2012
inlaid maps, acrylic on panel
48 x 32 1/2 inches

‘mylan’s wave’, 2012
inlaid maps, acrylic on panel
24 x 36 inches

‘jezebel’, 2012
inlaid maps on panel
21 x 14 inches

‘of all this world at once’, 2012
inlaid maps, acrylic on panel
40 x 70 inches

‘girl from the amazon’, 2012
inlaid maps, magazines on panel
33 x 23 inches

‘the mind is its own place’, 2012
inlaid maps, engravings, dye, ink on panel
18 x 32 inches


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