Viewing the Emergent City and Its People

The Surreal Cityscape – Black and White Photography by Martin Stavars

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Martin Stavars is a master at capturing an incredible tonal range in his images. When combined with his ability to seek out powerful compositions in his cityscapes, the results are phenomenal. I’ve long been a fan of his use of long exposures to capture movement among his stationary subjects.


Martin now travels the world to capture his intense and powerful cityscapes – includingLondonHong KongParis, and Tokyo.


Martin describes his work below:



“I’ve always been fascinated by landscapes – places that are absolutely desolate, where I can stay one on one with nature. For me, the growing joy right before pressing the shutter button as well as the possibility of interacting with the world filled with inspiration is as important as the creative act itself. This initial fascination has rapidly grown into obsession that eventually took control over my life.



Lately, my interests widened to cityscapes, where I pursue qualities characteristic to nature – harmony and peace. As it is getting harder to find traits like that in our more and more hectic world, while taking pictures in the biggest cities in the world I had to develop the most important virtue of a photographer – patience. That is one of the reasons why there are usually no people (or only their silhouettes) on most of my photographs. But such character of my work is also a result of other factor. Whereas taking pictures with the main focus on a person involves emotions that are relatively easy to define, depicting an empty street or portraying pulsing nature usually requires qualitatively different feelings that have to fill in for the missing elements, thus making such photograph something more than a simple document.”

Martin Stavars

Martin Stavars

Martin Stavars

To see more of Martin’s beautiful work, you can visit his portfolio site, or keep up to date with his travels via his Facebook page.


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