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Today’s Newsdesk: Welekia and the Worldwide Soil Map

From faslanyc the mapping and history of the landscape as tool to understanding new visions of the past as well as how to visualize an alternative future landscape and place  in context

Just a few bits of awesomeness to share today.  Recently in the great, horrible city of Los Angeles we had the chance to hear a fellow named Eric Sanderson speak about his project some of you may have heard about.  Manahatta brings together two of our favorite fields of inquiry- landscape archeology [the term is used loosely here] and landscape ecology with the idea of reimagining the island of Manhattan 400 years ago.  Sanderson has noted before that his interest in the landscape history of the island of Manhattan originated with the discovery of the incredible 1784 British Headquarters Map.
[the map that inspired a damn cool project- the 1784 British Headquarters Map]
We are happy to note that the much publicized book has evolved into an even more interesting project called Welekia.  The name seems to draw cleverly on the Wikipedia and Wikileaks projects, but it doesn’t.  It’s actually referencing the Lenape word for “my good home” and that part is important.  The Welekia/Manahatta project is not an effort to recreate the mythical wilderness that Europeans constructed on arriving here, but to recover the constructed landscape of the Americas.

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