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Map your Twitter Feed

I found this on Protein – I get it couldn’t to work, still it looks cool and you might have beeter luck – if you need to find your Twitter ID

When looking at following someone on Twitter you often wonder whether it’ll be worth it. What do they mostly talk about and how often will they keep you entertained? Well, designer Jeff Clark (Neoformix) has developed a program that charts Twitter feeds, to see visualized the most discussed themes and topics from that Twitterer.

The program is called Tweet Topic Explorer and lets you search any Twitter account and displays the results in a bubble chart data viz, grouping the most common words used in the tweets. The size of the word bubbles are related to the frequency of use and are grouped by colour with other words that are most often used together.

You can also filter the tweets by keywords to see lists of relevant messages. Cool little program. Try it yourself here, and check out some of ours below.

  • screen_shot_2011-05-05_at_13.53.12
  • screen_shot_2011-05-05_at_14.06.46
  • screen_shot_2011-05-05_at_14.13.19

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