Viewing the Emergent City and Its People

back to transportation basics, illustrated via SustaibaleCItiesCollective

From Chuck at myurbanist : how transportation really works when all else fails – human powered

Wheels and the human body go places in ways we have often forgotten.  Innovative, human-propelled transport, often with goods attached, knows no bounds.

Courtesy of photographs assembled first-hand last week, the proof is in, accompanied by the health benefits championed by urbanists today.

Want to leave the car behind?

Here are several visual hints for upcoming trips to and from your neighborhood hardware store, market, farm stand or beverage purveyor.

GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe01 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe02 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe03 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe04 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe05 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe06 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe07 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe08 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe09 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe11 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe12 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe13 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe14 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe15 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe16 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe17 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe18 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe19 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe20 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe21 GettingAroundAfrica_ChuckWolfe22
About Chuck Wolfe

Charles R. Wolfe, M.R.P., J.D. is an attorney in Seattle, where he focuses on land use and environmental law and permitting, including the use of innovative land use regulatory tools and sustainable development techniques on behalf of both the private and public sectors and the successful redevelopment of infill properties under federal, state and local regulatory regimes. He is an accomplished speaker and author on growth management and innovative zoning, “transit-oriented development”, and brownfield/sustainable development topics, regularly participates in regional and national seminars and serves as a reporter for the national publication, Planning & Environmental Law. He is also an Affiliate Associate Professor in the College of Built Environments at the University of Washington, where he teaches land use law and a range of planning and development courses to planners and future design professionals and is a contributor to major research efforts addressing urban center, transit oriented and brownfield redevelopment. Additionally, Chuck serves as Vice Chair, Fund Development for the Urban Land Institute (ULI), Seattle District Council, is a Member of the Boards of Futurewise and Great City, and is a King County Trustee of the Cascade Land Conservancy. He contributes regularly on urban development topics for several publications including The Huffington Post,, and He blogs regularly at



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