Viewing the Emergent City and Its People

Squatters in Skyscrapers (via Encountering Urbanization)

So it’s not only in “Jozi” (Johannesburg, South Africa) that the Modernist Urbanism is replayed in a different flavor now with the vibrancy, aromas and toxicity of slum culture transported into the vertical cities of Architects dreams.

Squatters in Skyscrapers Today's New York Times features and article about an abandoned 45 story building in downtown Caracas that has become one of the world's tallest squatter settlements.  Built in the 1990's the "Tower of David," after its architect and financier David Brillembourg, now houses over 2,500 squatters.  The New York Times also made a great a video about life in the tower. This tower in Caracas is just one of many hundreds, perhaps thousands of abandoned … Read More

via Encountering Urbanization


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