Viewing the Emergent City and Its People


Strange production for  Spanish footwear manufacturers CAMPER whose iconic ad series and tag line “Walk don’t Run” is almost an urban mantra…..  8 different views of transient life in the city


“A few years ago, Marina invited me to spend a couple of nights in this hotel in the neighborhood of Rabal. My favorite neighborhood in Barcelona. The room divided or, what is the same, two rooms for each client and one with a hammock facing the street. The videos we showed here belong to the project “Hotel” made up of six short films, shot in the same place over a period of 24 h. Made by BOOLAB.TV. CONGRATULATIONS! A few excerpts from his comments about the shooting.”

“Boolab sought six directors of profiles with little overlap. Called Roger Gual(Smoking Room, 2001) and Steve Green (Nothing, Snack, Occasional Strong); Erika Lust (The good girl, Cinco historias para ellas,, Barcelona Sex Project, Life Love Lust); Nico Casavecchia (Winner a Laus, a piece Yorokobu); Sofa Experience (Motel Spaghetti, Los Matarile, Toon Toon…); Celia Galán (Historia del desierto, One minute past midnight, Rosita Guzmán está viva…) and Dani Ilario(advertising opens in performing with Boolab).”

None of advertisements. Nothing gelding put the brand in the middle of stories. And the most incredible. There was no one waiting at the end of the footage to getscissors. The deal was: “I put the hotel, you roll. ”

The idea came a year ago. Camper wanted to do something that had never donebefore. “We come from graphic and industrial design. We have long been moving inthis area and wanted to do something different. “The visual is a new world for us, “says Miguel Fluxà, vice president of the company.

The brand had decided to walk into unknown territory and wanted to do together.Boolab spoke with producer and began to shuffle ideas together. One idea, anotherand another and another … Then came the proposal to make an experiment. Nobodyhad ever heard that several directors had put in one place, for one day, to shootseveral films. So, for that matter, what would they.

Two months to prepare everything and the May 31, 2010 were seen in the HotelCasa Camper to shoot short films. In those 24 hours were crossed in that place of sex, desire, death, love, loneliness, drugs, partying, magic, attraction … a flying pizza,a bag that was a human, petals on a sheet, a preservative that was played, a goodbye.

“They told us we had creative freedom, ” says Coke Ferreiro, Boolab founder. “They go and meet him! Even wanted to see the scripts before filming. But we insist onprudence and not touch a single comma. Everything was rolling roll and feel the joy of cinema. ”

“In one of the first internal passages of the shorts, Lorenzo Fluxà [company founder]came right in a scene in which there are drugs at a party. I got green and he did even the smallest gesture, “emphasizes Ferreiro.


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