Viewing the Emergent City and Its People

An interesting video by two South Africans features in Domus Video :

Click Here for Video ( Can’t embed it) Saturday Come Slow, 7:59
Directed by Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin, produced by Svana Gisla
Black Dog Films, 2011

For the Massive Attack song Saturday Come Slow, artists Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin produced a short film featuring UK citizen and former Guantánamo Bay detainee, Ruhal Ahmed. The movie is staged in Cambridge University’s anechoic chamber, which was designed to create an environment of complete silence.

Broomberg and Chanarin, who since 2000 have explored global conflicts through their writings and photography, structured the film around the testimony of Ahmed, which alternates with a scientific explanation about the use of sound in connection to the pain threshold. The song Saturday Come Slowplays intermittently, illustrating sonic frequencies as registered by various appartus. An off-camera scientist gives matter-of-fact explanations of sonic tolerances, while Ahmed recounts his harrowing ordeal, and gives particular details of an interrogation process that was accompanied by extremely loud heavy metal music.

The audio-visual effects shown in the film, which visualize sound through pattern-forming powders and pastes activated by vibrating plates and diaphragms, employ the techniques of a field of study called Cymatics, which investigates the effect of sound on physical material. With this, Broomberg and Chanarin pose the question a question which has numerous implications: “What happens when the physical matter in question is a human being?”

Born in South Africa and based in London, the collective of Adam Broomberg and Oliver Chanarin has produced six books using different ways to examine the language of documentary photography. They are the recipients of numerous awards, including the Vic Odden Award from the Royal Photographic Society. They are also members of the board of trustees for Photoworks and The Photographers. Angelique Campens”


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